Our services are offered to provide a total solution to your logistics needs. These services are mutually complimentary, and integrate with other elements of the value chain (plan, source, and make).
SLG can accommodate Just-In-Time deliveries, deliveries to remote and rural areas, as well as residential deliveries. We also support integrated order management, eCommerce shipping solutions, and can coordinate shipments to and from outsource suppliers/contract manufacturers for outsourced companies.
Reverse Logistics is an important, but often overlooked, consideration when integrating a supply chain. SLG can work with your organization to establish ties to your return material authorization (RMA) process, Customer Relationship Management, internal as well as third party repair service centers, and provide links to the original order shipment.
SLG works closely with your transportation and shipping departments to assist in building the best processes, selecting the right transportation modes, and choosing reliable shippers to satisfy your company's individual logistics needs. SLG not only works with you to develop and optimize your process, but we stay with you as your logistics partner to ensure cost effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Because Southern Logistics Group is independent of the major shipping and transportation providers, SLG is free to select the best mode, provider, and handling options to custom tailor the logistics process to your unique requirements.

SLG has developed strong partner relationships with leading intercontinental consolidators and freight forwarders for full container (FCL) and less than full container (LCL) loads. Our service includes door to door shipment from point of dispatch to destination. This means that:
• SLG has access to the most favorable bulk container rates with major carriers, regardless of your volume
• We receive capacity preference during peak periods
• Our organization extends to hundreds of professional staff organizations with offices world wide
Southern Logistics Group specializes in custom solutions to your shipping needs, no matter what your volume requirements are. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how SLG can contribute to efficient and cost effective ocean freight shipping.

As a certified Indirect Air Carrier (IAC), Southern Logistics Group (SLG) is approved by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to tender freight to both commercial and all-cargo air carriers for both domestic and foreign shipments. This means that SLG can offer a broad range of options to ensure that your time sensitive shipment gets delivered when required. Pickup and delivery to air carriers is coordinated through an extensive global network of qualified agents.
Contact Southern Logistics Group to discuss how we can efficiently and economically transport you expedited shipments.

Souther Logistics Group,Corp (SLG) has a strong established customer/supplier relationship with a network of land based carriers. Whether your transport requirements are by rail, via truck or require a combination of modes, SLG can coordinate an optimum solution. This means that SLG can offer our clients a broad range of temperature or non-temperature controlled options for either long haul and local shipments for both Less Than Load (LTL) and Full Truck Loads (FTL).
Because of our strategic alliance with a number of best-in-class carriers, SLG can ensure that your shipment is picked up when ready and delivered when required. SLG works closely with all of our carriers to establish scheduled delivery appointments when required.

Southern Logistics Group provides a wide range of warehousing solutions. Our warehousing service is totally integrated with all other services offered by SLG.
Southern Logistics Group can quickly provide warehousing capability when and where required. This cost effective solution affords our customer the option of only paying for warehouse space used. In addition, a customized solution assures that the customer only pays for the level of warehouse service required. Strategically locating warehousing can provide the added benefit of shortening transit time, utilizing “local” deliveries for time definitive shipments, and reducing transportation costs. Because SLG offers an integrated solution, your company receives one statement for the logistics portion of the order fulfillment cost.
Southern Logistics Group warehouse service provides an outsource solution to dedicated core competency resources. These resources offer an entire range of services, special handling, 24 hour security, cross dock and pick/pack order processing operations, and computerized inventory control for all types of products.
Contact us for an appraisal of how SLG can contribute to your logistics needs using our combined services.

When it comes to freight transport, insurance should be considered in case of loss or partial damages. SLG offers coverage for “door to door” service so your load is secure all along its transit.

When transporting goods, they must go through a process at each customs office. And every country has its own, which has its own set of rules. To ensure that the goods pass through the different customs efficiently, quickly and safely, SLG has specialized brokers to advise clients with appropriate documentation depending on the product, the value of the load and the country of origin and destination and ensuring delivery without delays or problems.

When the client needs an international courier, SLG offers "door to door" service in 48/72 hours and anywhere in the world.

SLG provides an address in Miami (USA), where you can receive your purchases, catalogs, reports, magazines, bills and packages purchased online, and keep them in a safe place to make delivery thereof to where you choose.

SLG provides high quality packing service, this ensures merchandise to arrive in the same conditions they were when departed.